Evolution of Sales E Learning

Early use of e-learning dates to the 1960’s, when computer systems were being explored for applications in higher education. One of the main attractions of e-learning at the time was the ability to provide individualized instruction to learners, which mimicked the one-on-one interaction of a tutor. These nascent applications of technology to learning would not make significant inroads into corporate training, however, until the internet took the idea of computer-supported learning from static forms, such as a CD­ ROM, to a more dynamic web medium better able to keep pace with the velocity of day­ to-day business.

After the turn of the 21st century, e-learning began to pick up more steam as computers became more sophisticated, ubiquitous, and connected at increasingly fast speeds. In 2001, none  other than GE’s Jack Welch had been attributed with saying that the business importance of e-learning was the ability to build individual employees and