Our white papers and tools examine the latest trends and developments in sales and service effectiveness, and provide a mixture of advice and best practice recommendations to readers.

The white papers and tools currently available for download are:



  • Vendor Selection Tool

    We believe that there are several elements that make Imparta stand out from the crowd. Of course, different people care about different things, with this tool you can select the factors you care about. This will provide you with a tailored spreadsheet that you can use to choose between different training suppliers.

  • Impact Estimators

    If you’re wondering whether a properly-delivered sales training programme would make financial sense for your business, our Impact Estimator tools may be of assistance. With some background info from you the spreadsheet looks at likely costs, so that you can estimate ROI as well as the potential impact of a programme.

  • Sales Induction Cost Calculator

    The costs of employing new salespeople and the time required for them to reach full productivity is of concern for any successful company. An effective induction and sales training programme will reduce this cost and the time to breakeven for every new salesperson.

    This tool allows you to calculate your own new sales hire costs and time to full productivity. Afterwards, you’ll have a customised idea of the costs incurred by salesforce turnover and onboarding new hires.