How Three Simple Dimensions Allow L&D to Transform Sales Performance

How good do you need to be at selling, in order to win? The answer, of course, is ‘better than the competition’ – but that’s a target that’s moving fast. Imparta’s latest research shows how a three-dimensional approach to selling can achieve sustainable competitive advantage. The same dimensions can also be applied to help L&D develop these skills within the sales team.

Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO of Imparta, focuses on the key challenges faced by sales leaders, introduces The 3D Advantage and how it plays out around the customer buying cycle, and brings insight to the challenge of sales training and performance improvement.

Topics include:

  • Mission critical metrics to defend your business in uncertain times
  • The skills your teams need in order to win over the next five years
  • The three dimensions that underpin them all: Insight, Influence, and Trust
  • Selling the change: How to apply three-dimensional approaches to sales training

This webinar is of value to sales leaders, sales enablement and L&D professionals.