Training on its own does not work. Multiple research projects by organisations like ATD, HR Chally, Xerox and Imparta have demonstrated that up to 87% of new skills are lost within a month.

Imparta’s Capability Building® System (CBS) is a comprehensive, modular toolkit for solving this problem. Our research shows that, properly used, the CBS significantly reduces skills loss and ensures that training achieves your financial, operational and cultural goals.

Very few sales or service initiatives will need all of the tools in the CBS, but together we select the components you need in the knowledge that they will work seamlessly together – whether you need a single workshop, a custom simulation, a cultural change programme, or a global Academy.

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This stage of the CBS helps you to define the business goals you are trying to achieve, and the operational and cultural levers you can use to achieve them. It is a positive process, helping you to ‘tune in’ to the organisation, connect with key stakeholders and test their vision with those who will be affected.



Engage is where we test the reality of the current skills within the organisation, as well as perceptions of the content and journey to come. The tools in the Engage section prepare the ground for the changes ahead, ‘turning people on’ to achieving the business and operational goals that have been set.



Developing skills takes practice, not lectures. Learning by doing is at the heart of Imparta’s philosophy. Face-to-face workshops account for around 10% of a learner’s time, e-learning around 20%, and real-world learning around 70%.



Imparta’s research shows that the components of the ‘Stick’ section can improve learning take-up from 15-30% to over 80%. In fact, they are often used by clients who have already invested in training with other organisations, but have been disappointed with the results.



Running a training course with no measurement pretty much guarantees that you won’t achieve your goals. Imparta has a dedicated ‘Client Impact’ team that tracks, analyses and reports on the impact of training using the widely-accepted Kirkpatrick model, and advises you on any corrective actions needed.