One of the greatest challenges in delivering sustainable, high-impact training is in embedding the learning and best practices into everyday work activities.

Integrating our Strategic Account Management and Opportunity Management tools into your CRM system represents a substantial step towards achieving this.

The easily accessible tools map to your clients’ buying cycles and encourage salespeople to plan and maximise the value of their relationships. Strategic objectives cascade through the tools and are collected in one clear and comprehensive action plan.


Strategic Account Management (SAM) tool
Opportunity Management (CCV) tool

The tools that sit within the CRM system, are those taught and practised within both our Creating Client Value (opportunity level) and Strategic Account Management (account level) programmes. Their integration allows for sales people to work with and benefit from the tools within their day to day workflow.

These tools integrate with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and can be adapted to support any other CRM system as needed.


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