For many organisations, these numbers represent the optimal L&D formula – with 70% of learning taking place in the workplace, 20% through peer-to-peer learning and only 10% in a formal learning environment.

But successful implementation has proven elusive.

Success requires the transformation of a learning curriculum into varied and compelling online, peer-to-peer and individual learning opportunities that are closely aligned to the business’s strategic and operational needs. The result of this needs to be a structured programme that motivates managers and individuals to take control of their learning. It’s a daunting task unless you’re supported by people who’ve done it before – which is why our clients ask us to help.

The 70-20-10 philosophy is embedded into all Imparta’s training, and especially into the Virtual Sales Academy®. We can also provide clients with a collaborative, end-to-end service for designing, developing and implementing programmes that turn their 70:20:10 aspirations into reality.

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