Quantifying Value Propositions

Healthcare & Medical

Maximising sales performance by quantifying your value propositions

Medical and pharmaceutical salespeople are facing several obstacles to sales performance improvements which have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis.

It is now more critical than ever to create client-focused, quantified value proposals to help overcome key challenges of:

  • Increasing difficulty in getting access to stakeholders
  • Rising involvement of financial / procurement stakeholders in decision making
  • Lengthening of decision-making timeframes and higher chances of deals lost to
    ‘do nothing for now’
  • Increasing pressure on pricing / commercial negotiations

Download the quantifying virtual presence infographic

The traditional approach of influencing clinicians is no longer enough; instead, salespeople must:

  • Establish relationships with financial stakeholders such as procurement, to identify their KPIs and challenges, and build trust and credibility;
  • Use this information, together with information gathered from clinicians, to quantify the PAIN from not acting. I.e., what is the impact of false positives on clinician time and treatment – and how much is this costing per year? Avoiding a loss is typically 2-4 times more powerful as a motivator than achieving a gain, so it is critical to identify this accurately.
  • With their own clinical data, work with stakeholders to build credible projections of the GAIN that the proposed solution can deliver. Contrasting the gain with the pain makes both the pain and the gain seem even larger and creates a persuasive value proposition.
  • Apply influencing techniques when using the value proposition with stakeholders – to build a client-centric dialogue focusing on achieving the KPIs important to them.