Are your people equipped to create a seamless customer experience?

The retail landscape is forever evolving with new technologies being introduced, from self-serving checkouts to customising your outfit in your fitting room mirror or even test driving a car through a VR headset. With all this new technology in retail, we must ensure that it is enhancing and not disrupting the customer experience and that our teams have the skills to utilise the technology to create a seamless and enhanced experience.

At the end of 2017, Imparta launched the Top 50 Retail Experiences Report in collaboration with Insider Trends.

Building on the report, we would like to invite you to this exclusive breakfast event where we will explore how we can use this insight to drive amazing retail experiences. The report highlighted our 50 favourite retail experiences and how they personally wowed us through a combination of store design and layout, interactions with staff, added services, and the use of technology.

Specifically, we will be looking at the latest trends in retail technology and provide insights and suggestions for how to transform your retail teams so they understand your customer journey and the different touchpoints where they can use technology to create amazing retail experiences. We also discuss how to avoid the disjointed, revenue-sapping customer experiences that take place when retail teams are not trained to work seamlessly with new technologies.

Our Chief Product Officer and customer experience specialist, Nigel Webb, will be co-presenting the event with Cate Trotter, Head of Trends at  Insider Trends. Cate was ranked by Vend as the world’s 26th most influential professional in retail. She speaks to audiences across the globe on trends and retail innovation, inspiring and challenging audiences to improve some of the most influential brands in the retail industry.

The round table event will run from 9am to approximately 11am and breakfast is included. Please encourage any colleagues that you wish to attend to fill out the form on the right.

Imparta works with retail teams to improve retail customer experience and maxamise the value of customer relationships. Please contact us if you would like to speak to one of our retail specialists. 

Date: 9 May 2018
Time: 9am
Location: Museum of Brands, 111-117 Lancaster Rd, London W11 1QT
This event is free to attend