Digital Modules

Digital Modules

Building habits for resilience, mindset and handling challenging conversations

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting businesses with new challenges, as well as intensifying existing ones.

Your teams need help in:

  • Handling and absorbing a huge amount of anxiety and pressure with increasing wait times and limited options to help
  • Facing challenging and difficult conversations with customers in a highly stressed/emotional state and need to lower tension quickly
  • Keeping motivated in a highly pressured environment
  • Being resilient in times of anxiety/pressure and being able to keep going
  • Adapting the approach to each customer to enhance the conversation
  • Maintaining loyalty to the brand at this challenging time

To help overcome some of these challenges, we have created 11 bite-sized digital modules that cover some of the key skills and techniques your teams need to support their own mindset and behaviours, and teach them how to deal with challenging customers while still delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Drawing on Imparta’s industry-leading experience and curriculum, these modules help your teams to create habits that they can fall back on when under pressure.

Our Approach

The Modules


Understanding Habits 1

The habit loop – how habits work.


Understanding Habits 2

How to create a good habit – the process needed to create a good habit.


Understanding Habits 3

Break a bad habit – the process needed to break a bad habit.


The Resilient Mindset

Rethinking your thinking – introduction to how your thinking impacts your actions.


Resilience Habits

Keeping healthy in uncertain times – sharing the top habits of resilient people.

Customer Experience (CX)

These modules are applicable for all customer-facing colleagues – internal and external – and focus on conversational skills.


The Resilient Conversation Framework

Introduce the four key ingredients to looking after yourself and customers in challenging times.


Lowering Tension and Raising Trust

Introduce the three steps that move from tension to trust: Ask, Acknowledge, Action.


The Resilient Language Lab

Looking at how to create congruent experiences for customers and colleagues.


Creating Calm Outcomes

Many customers will contact you in an emotional state and the options you are able to provide do not match the outcome you are looking for – we will share a four-step process to help reach a calm outcome.


Finding the Preference

Exploring the four preferences for how you communicate – how to spot them and how then to adapt them to the customer.


Providing a Solution that Feels Right

How you keep a conversation on track when it takes the direction of a complaint, and how to give the customer what they need rather than what you think they need.

Your internal teams will be under intense pressure from the volume of calls and the emotional state of your customers. You need to provide new and creative ways of helping them cope in this challenging situation.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, in a very tangible way, to protect your business and take advantage of the opportunities available.

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