Mastering Virtual Presence

Mastering Virtual Presence

Business-Critical Intervention

What does it cover?

A virtual half-day Mastering Virtual Presence workshop is designed to equip salespeople with an understanding of the science behind effective virtual engagement, and an opportunity to practice, receive feedback and develop proficiency.

These are the critical skills that underpin your team’s ability to engage with their customers so that they can identify opportunities and deliver virtual pitches that win. This intervention draws on Imparta’s industry-leading 3D sales curriculum, and our expertise in the application of psychology and Behavioral Economics to sales and service. The modules are:

Mastering the Tools

Facilitating virtual selling by mastering the basic tools:

  • The platform
  • Your equipment
  • Background and lighting
  • Your environment
  • Reducing ‘video conference fatigue’

The Virtual Mindset

Developing a mindset that will support you through the challenges of selling virtually, by:

  • Understanding what you are, and are not, responsible for
  • Developing resilience to bounce back from setbacks more easily
  • Using rigour to achieve success in virtual selling

The Science of Virtual Engagement

Engaging people through virtual meetings, by:

  • Asking insightful questions
  • Listening actively
  • Building rapport through the virtual medium
  • Using visual imagery
  • Creating interactivity

The Psychology of Virtual Influence

Influencing outcomes around the Buying Cycle through:

  • An understanding of ‘System 1’ thinking under pressure
  • Why typical pitches don’t work
  • Psychological effects such as Loss Aversion, Contrast Bias and Single Option Aversion
  • The power of stories
  • Putting it all together to create the Perfect Pitch