Virtual Sales Management

Business-Critical Interventions:

Virtual Sales Management

What does it cover?

Managing a virtual team is tough. Ensuring you can performance manage, coach, have engaging team meetings and support specific workload and client issues can be very challenging even for the most experienced of managers, especially when coupled with the economic impact of the pandemic. This Intervention provides managers with the skills, confidence and structure to manage a virtual team effectively. It is run either as a four-hour programme or as four separate sessions, delivered virtually by one of our expert facilitators. The course uses Zoom or WebEx to allow for extensive interactivity, including role-plays, breakout rooms and other exercises, to ensure skills are learned in an experiential way.

How does it work?

The Virtual Sales Management intervention is a half-day Virtual Workshop, run for up to 8 sales managers. It includes application tools and coaching eLearning, and on-demand coaching is also available on a pay as you go basis.