Managing a Virtual Team

Managing a virtual team

Managing a Virtual Team

Engage your team and create a performance culture in a virtual environment.

Managing a virtual team is tough. Ensuring you can performance manage, coach, have engaging team meetings and support specific workload and client issues can be very challenging even for the most experienced of managers. This can be even more pronounced if this is new to you and driven by circumstances outside of your control. Imparta has designed a specific programme (delivered virtually) to provide Managers with the skills, confidence and structure to manage a virtual team effectively.

Managing a virtual team is either a four-hour programme or four separate sessions, delivered virtually by one of our expert facilitators. The course uses Zoom to allow for extensive interactivity, including role-plays, breakout rooms and other exercises, to ensure skills are learned in an experiential way.

The Agenda

Module 1: Maintaining Mindsets and Momentum

Understand how to:

  • Inspire performance virtually

Know how to:

  • Evaluate and influence your team’s mindset
  • Motivate the team to keep momentum going

Module 2: Fostering Virtual Collaboration

Be able to create:

  • A virtual team environment that recognises and rewards collaborative behaviours
  • An understanding of team roles
  • Peer support to resolve issues within and between teams

Module 3: The Dynamics of Managing Virtually

The key to success is having an approach that drives team engagement:

  • Sharing stories
  • Skill/Will
  • Manager roles and cadence
  • Performance management

Module 4: Delivering Virtual Coaching and Meetings

Plan and rehearse:

  • Virtual coaching and team sessions using a structured coaching and meeting process
  • The ability to vary the pace and depth of the process depending on the context

External shocks offer an opportunity to demonstrate how you can support your teams personally and how they can successfully interact with their clients. You need to provide new and creative ways of helping them cope in this challenging situation.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, in a very tangible way, protect your business and take advantage of the opportunities available.

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