Core Sales Skills

Core Sales Skills/

Sales Through Service (3DCSS™)
The essential skills for customer-centric selling.

Do your salespeople add value to your client’s business?

Great salespeople earn trust by tuning into the customer, bringing insight to their issues and suggesting potential solutions. They don’t just talk about value; they create it from the customer’s point of view. This Core Sales Skills course is available in variants for core B2B sales skills, and for a Sales through Service context.

About Imparta’s 3D Core Sales Skills programme:

Core sales skills - who is it for?

Who is it for?

3DCSS develops and refines the core skills and mindset needed by new salespeople and those focused on transactional customers.

Core sales skills - latest research

Latest Research

3DCSS is grounded in our 3D Advantage model and the research and science behind it.

Core sales skills - modular


3DCSS can be integrated with other elements to create a strong onboarding programme, either classroom-based or delivered digitally.

The CSS training was a smash hit, well presented with great materials. We’ve seen an immediate impact in the performance and confidence of our salespeople.

Sales Manager, Financial Service

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  • CSS

    Make it Easy
    for Me

    Impact: Win Rate; Renewal Rate

    Agreed desired outcomes that move the customer through the Buying Cycle to a positive decision. Make customers feel good, and reduce the effort needed to commit to the deal.

    Core Sales Skills
  • CSS

    Guide Me

    Impact: Average Deal Size; Win Rate

    Match products and services to the customer’s needs and decision criteria. Help to influence them towards an appropriate decision using Behavioral Economics, and manage objections in an effective and ethical way.

    Core Sales Skills
  • CSS

    Understand Me

    Impact: Conversion Rate; Average Deal Size

    Uncover the customer’s underlying needs and the criteria on which a product selection will be made. Master questioning techniques and the ability to empathise and listen actively to increase rapport, trust and understanding.

    Core Sales Skills
  • CSS

    Engage Me

    Impact: Conversion Rate

    Build rapport through verbal and non-verbal mirroring, and an understanding of social styles. Engage customers with positive and persuasive language, and be able to think like a customer.

    Core Sales Skills
  • CSS

    Prospecting &
    Digital Selling

    Impact: Number of Leads

    Leverage a range of techniques and tools, including networking and social media, to gain access to potential customers. Know how to sell the conversation, rather than the product.

    Core Sales Skills
  • CSS

    How Customers Buy

    Impact: All

    Understand your natural selling style, linking it to your experience as a customer and comparing it to best practice. Understand how customers see value, and which stage of the Buying Cycle they are in.

    Core Sales Skills

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